This campaign is still under works, but it will be a custom urban low-fantasy setting using Unisystem’s for structure.

The fantasy elements of the world are downplayed and hidden, not common knowledge even to some of the player characters until later in the story.

The included fantasy races can be rather generic, but the point here is to focus on the myths and legends that burned these concepts into our mind and portray them in a realistic, gritty manner.

First are the Gifted, humans who are able to manipulate the world through some form of magic. They are the most plentiful and varied of preternaturals.

Angels were supposedly created before Time itself, though they have since pigeonholed themselves into various sects over the years, including what most people would consider Demons to the source for the legends of Guardian Angels, who are truly devout angels that fell to Earth to watch over God’s creations in his absence. (Most Angels do not hold this among their priorities.)

The Divinely Inspired cannot perform magic, but they are conduits for the power of God himself, with the drawback that they must wholeheartedly believe in Abraham’s God and act by his Commandments. (See: The Big Ten)

Necromancers are Gifted mediums that excel in handling the spirits of the dead and creatures of undeath.

Nephilim, the children of Angels (or Demons) and humans. Very long lived, these creatures aren’t often privy to their heritage past knowing that they were born different than others. Whether born of Angel or Demon, they will take after their (un)holy parent by developing the appropriate Theophanies.

Like Necromancers, Psychics are a special flavor of Gifted with powers of the mind.

Vampires are mythical bloodsuckers that come in many shapes and sizes, though near every one burns in the sun and is affected by silver.

Werewolves are simply the most prominent breed of shifter, all of which take predator form. No wererabbbits here, sorry Roger. They have three forms, human, hybrid, and fully animal.