Divinely Inspired

Divinely Inspired have access to powers that allegedly connect them to a higher power. Many theories swirl about how valid that belief is but the fact remains that anyone who demonstrates these miraculous powers believe they are serving the will of the Creator, normally they see themselves as the Sword of God. To use miracles a character must firmly believe they are wielding the Might of God to combat the supernatural forces of evil.

This God does not have to strictly be the Christian God, but all forms of Abraham’s God, going back to the Canaanite deity known as Yahu. Many different branch religions have formed from around this deity and the worship has evolved to be represented differently in different cultures, but rest assured that they are praying to the same God. There were once others, but they have long since disappeared—not that Abraham’s God has taken the hands on approach in a couple of thousand years.


Divinely Inspired use miracles by channeling essence into the effects they desire. The inspired have no limit to the amount of essence they can use. They could burn their entire essence pool on one miracle if they so chose. Essence is regained at a rate of 1 point per Willpower level every 5 minutes.

Unlike other supernatural powers Miracles cannot be used willy nilly. The Inspired must truly believe they are facing a force for evil in order to call upon the power of their divine patron. Anything less will result in the loss of their powers, perhaps permanently. Even then the force in question likely needs to be an agent of some unnatural power to justify the use of Miracles. Those who lose their miraculous powers generally must undertake some monumental religious quest to once again prove their devotion to the cause.


Communing with their patron entity is a very integral part of an Inspired’s existence. By spending an hour in deep prayer(or meditation or however they commune with their patron) the Inspired regains Essence at twice the normal rate.

The Denial

In addition to their ability to use Miracles the Inspired have the ability to use their own essence to neutralize the essence fueled powers of other beings. In order to use The Denial the Inspired must spend more essence than the supernatural being or gifted character has to fuel their power. In the case of a psychic power each level of Strength is equivalent of three Essence; thus a Strength 4 psychic power would require 12 essence points to counter.

Chargen Note: Miracles cost 5 points per miracle during character generation. After that they cost 10 XP per miracle to obtain.

Divinely Inspired

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