All nephilim either benefit or are bound by the following abilities.

Essence Manipulation and Recovery

Nephilim use Essence to activate their Theophanies. This Essence is recovered at the rate of two points per Willpower level every minute. Nephilim can use as much of their personal Essence as they need, without the limitations normal humans, even those with channeling, have.

Rapid Healing

Nephilim recover very rapidly from injury. Any Life or Endurance losses are regained at the rate 1 point per Willpower level every turn. If any limb is severed, it regrows when Life Points are fully restored.


Nephilim need to eat, sleep, and breathe, although their supernatural constitution allows them to do without far longer than normal humans. Narcotic and irritant poisons affect them, but cannot kill them. Corrosive poisons retain their full force. Disease affects them, but cannot kill them, unless the disease is supernatural in origin.

Restricted Supernatural Abilities

Besides Theophanies, nephilim never demonstrate supernatural abilities. Unless they can perform rituals, they cannot use Magic, for example. Neither can a nephilim acquire psychic abilities or become Inspired. Such powers are the province of pure humans. In a way, their angelic half imposes limits on them that do not exist in humans, all whom at least have the potential to work Magic and other powers.

Supernatural Attributes

Nephilim all have the potential for supernatural attributes within them. As such they may purchase the Increased Attribute quality as described under that quality.

The following formulae determine the nephilim’s Secondary Attributes (Speed uses the normal formula)

  • Life Points: ((Strength + Constitution) x 5) + 40
  • Endurance Points: ((Constitution + Strength + Willpower) x 3) + 30
  • Essence: Sum of Attributes +20

Supernatural Senses

Nephilim can sense large concentrations of Essence, and the presence of supernatural beings by passing a Difficult Perception Test with a +2 bonus.

Nephilim do not grow old. Their aging process stops shortly after reaching full adulthood (sometime after their mid-twenties). They may also purchase the Age quality. It is unknown whether they are truly immortal, or whether their life spans are so long that they seem so. Some known nephilim are over five millennia old.


All nephilim must select at least 1 primal aspect and may select up to 3. Nephilim who are the direct children of angels, not thin-blooded, must select at least one aspect to have in common with their divine parent.


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